In the beginning, use were limited to providing only a small number of services including, daily prayer, weekend Quran classes and youth social activities. Since 1991, the Muslim population has rapidly grown in the regional area. This has created a huge demand for our facilities and services.

The project will be completed in three stages. Both stage one and two will be completed concurrently with stage three being the rebuilding of the Mosque. We have started Stages 1 & 2 with the concrete slab and most of the framing of the hall now completed. Stages 1 & 2 — estimated cost AUD$500,000.

Two storey halls used a community/youth centre on ground floor Commercial kitchen Classrooms for tutorial, Imam and Hifz, classes Room for a part-time Youth social worker (depends on current government grants) Shop that will sell clothes and food Morgue/Janaza services that will be provided to the community at cost New Wudhu and Toilet facilities.

Stage three — estimated cost AUD $2.9 million. Rebuilding of the EMIR SULTAN MOSQUE which will include a library, a prayer area much larger than we now have and separate entrance for females and males Minaret that will be 22 meters in height, and 9 meters from the highest point of the building.