There are many needs of the Muslim community and the EMIR SULTAN MOSQUE does its best to help our brothers and sisters in need. Dandenong is a low socio-economic region with many families living in the area in the low income bracket.

With the demographics of the area we also see many family and youth related is-sues which we try to help with to the best of our ability.

Unfortunately due to the lack of facilities and resources we have avail-able we cannot fulfill the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters. We currently have as part of our assistance program Ramadan food parcels that were handed out to families with basic kitchen and food needs.

We will be extending our services with the rebuilding of the Mosque and facilities with the addition of a room for an on-site councilor as well as a commercial kitchen that will run as a soup kitchen on Friday’s.

There is only a limited amount of space in and around the current mosque and with the addition of the new buildings will help cater for the needs of the Muslim population in the region.