Jummuah & Congregational Prayers CANCELLED

Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters, Our religion places utmost importance on the health and sanctity of human life. As an exception during times of danger to human life, our Prophet Muhammed (SAV) has prescribed the replacement of “Hayya Ales’Salah” with “Assalatu Fi Buyutikum”, pray at home, in the call to prayer. Following the advice of […]

Emir Sultan Mosque Islamic Burial Service

CONTACT: 0413 499 444.   “To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.”

 By the Grace of Allah (SWT), the Dandenong Emir Sultan Mosque (ESM) is adequately equipped to provide all necessary services pertaining to death and burial. The Mosque Society has a designated space for performing ghusl (washing) of the dead body . […]

Paypal Donations

Alhamdullillah, we have received quite a lot of donations through PayPal (online donation). For convenience, we encourage all our brothers and sisters to donate via this system. Direct link to our online donation page: http://www.emirsultanmosque.com.au/donate/

Urgent donations needed

Brothers and Sisters, your mosque needs your urgent help with the purchase of the properties (houses) next door. These were bought to give you better services and meet the needs of the Muslim community. We need to collect $700,000 for the first property by middle of July to pay the landlord next door. We would […]