About Us

About Emir Sultan Mosque

Emir Sultan Mosque was founded in 1991 and was purchased as a church in central Dandenong then converted into a mosque. It’s purpose was to provide Muslim families living in the area with a place of worship and a place to educate their children with Islamic essentials. However, over the years, the mosque started to age considerably faster and the population of Muslims in the area was starting to increase. To keep up with the growth and demand for our service the re-construction project was initiated. This meant that the mosque would be demolished and a new one would be constructed in it’s place. This project includes a new mosque and additional buildings such as a community youth centre, a funeral services building and a new wudhu area.

Our aim is to continue to provide the community with high quality services as well as additional facilities for our youth. The new Mosque will have an increased capacity for followers, classrooms for Islamic studies, certified courses and new wudhu and toilet areas. We want to be able to educate ourselves and our children and to pass on our knowledge of Islam to other brothers and sisters as well as non-Muslims in the community. Let us remember that for every donation, however big or small, ALLAH s.w.t will give you the same or more in the Here-after.

In addition to offering a place of worship, Emir Sultan Mosque conducts classes to educate children with Islamic essentials, offers services to muslims and wider communities, runs programs for the youth and provides a space where social events can be held.