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    Mondays – Brother’s Qur’an Class

    Brother’s only,
    Starts: Check Facebook Page.

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    Mondays – Playgroup

    Please contact for further details.

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    Thursdays – Sister’s Qur’an Class

    Sisters only,
    Starts: Check Facebook Page.

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    Fridays – Sisters Islamic Discussion

    Young sisters Islamic Discussion: session at 7 pm (Click here for more details)

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    Saturdays – English Lecture Every Fortnight

    Open to both brothers and sisters.
    Click here for more infortmation.

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    Sundays – Children’s Qur’an Class

    Qur’an classes for brothers and sisters
    aged 6 – 12 from 10 am to 2 pm.

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    Imam Mehmet Salih Dogan is a
    member of the chaplaincy in
    the Southern Health department.
    The Imam visits hospitals
    and prisons weekly.




Funeral Service:

Organising funeral and burial

phone3 0413 499 444

Click here for more information.



Visits to family of deceased person
Visits to new born babies at hospital
New born baby naming ritual
Weddings and Ceremonies
Information about Islam

phone3 Imam Salih: 0402 900 970


Organizing Hajj, Fitr and Qurban:

We collect Zakat and Fitr and distribute the money to the needy. During Eid al-Adha we collect donations for Qurban and send them to deprived countries. Additionally, we help to organise the yearly pilgrimage to Hajj.

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